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Pamela Naylor

Halvor Bogh

Anker Hintze

Pam spent most of her childhood in Crail just north of Edinburgh on Scotland’s east coast. She began taking piano lessons at the age of nine and took up flute-playing when she was thirteen.Pam had met and teamed up with Halvor to form the band known today as “Drones & Bellows”.

Lowland Pipe , flute, keyboard

String- & Buttoninstruments


Thomas began taking accordion lessons at the age of ten. He was a member of the group “De Watermänner” for two years. However, he had now been a fan and friend of Drones & Bellows for five years and finally the opportunity arose for him to join the band.

Anker embarqued on his musical career at the age of seven with piano lessons. Towards the end of his school days Anker developed an interest in percussion and became a drummer in the rock group GNOM. He joined Drones & Bellows as bodhran player in 1993.

Thomas Wieder

String- & Buttoninstruments

Halvor’s first band was “Old Peculiar” (1977-1982) in Aarhus After 6 years Halvor moved back to his native Tønder and it was here that he met Pam in 1987 and formed the band known today as Drones & Bellows after the drones on Pam’s bagpipes and the bellows on Halvor’s button accordion.

Vignetphotos by Jacqueline McNeill

Photo by Jacqueline McNeill

Photo by Jacqueline McNeill

Photo by Jacqueline McNeill

Photo by Jacqueline McNeill

„Refreshingly different“ , remarked John Jones of the Oyster Band on hearing „Four Reel Drive“, whose members Halvor Bogh and Pamela Naylor continue to play to this day in “Drones & Bellows”.Although never laid down in law there has always been a tacit agreement that mere musical reproduction is not what this band is about. The music of Drones & Bellows is clearly inspired by traditional Scottish music but their unique sound bears witness to the different cultures and musical backgrounds which the four members bring to the band. Add to that a multitude of instruments, vocal harmonies and band compositions and the recipe for success is almost complete. Drones & Bellows do their own thing but the key to their continuing success must be their ability to communicate the sheer pleasure of playing together to their audiences. Over the years they have won many faithful fans who never tire of the band’s infectious good humour on stage. Drones & Bellows usually play concerts but they can be booked for private or business functions. For private functions Drones & Bellows also offer instruction in some of the simplest Scottish Country Dances. Please note that this requires a good deal of floor space. Drones & Bellows also perform together with Brian McNeill (see separate flyer for details).

Jörgen Ehlers

Cello & Doublebas

Born 26.07.1968 in Niebüll, Germany, Jörgen took cello lessons from the age of twelve. In addition to double bass and cello he also plays guitar and electric bass. Since the age of 17 he has played in countless bands and projects. Jörgen lives just down the road from Thomas. So it was only a matter of time till he became infected with the Drones & Bellows virus...

The Band

Traditional and Contemporary Folk

Folk as folk used to be

Drones & Bellows